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Upcoming Events

  • Around the Campfire
    Around the Campfire
    Sat, 25 May
    25 May 2024, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
    Jindera, 116 Urana St, Jindera NSW 2642, Australia
    25 May 2024, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
    Jindera, 116 Urana St, Jindera NSW 2642, Australia
    A night of campfire cooking, bonfire and a bush band all in the grounds of the Museum. This is a step back to the days of the bush camp; a night of fun and good food.

Roslyn Brown

"I had no Idea how big the museum actually was, you drive past and see the front but there is so much more than that to see.  Well worth the stop"


Wagner’s store lay empty for nine years before a group of local residents headed by Margary Wehner and Catherine Clark initiated the establishment of the folk museum. The freehold of the store was bought by the newly formed committee and Wagners store is now the Jindera Pioneer Museum which was opened by Russell Drysdale on the 5th October 1968 to celebrate the Jindera Centenary.

The site occupies over 2 acres and comprises Wagners Store and main residence, the Wattle and Daub Cottage, the Slab Hut, the Marge Wehner Gallery, the original Huon Post Office and a vast collection of notable machinery, much produced locally.

  1. The original Wagners Store as you would have found it in 1906

  2. Attached to the store is the shop gallery, originally for storage but now a wonderful collection of items from the district

  3. The main Residence, home to the Wagner family and built in three stages with the original store at the front, now occupied by the museum Tea Rooms

  4. The Wattle and Daub Cottage, the oldest known cottage in the district built in the traditional wattle and daub style

  5. The Marge Wehner Gallery housing the Russell Drysdale collection and many other fine artworks

  6. The Huon Post Office, originally situated 6 km north of the township

  7. The buggy room and machinery shed. The machinery in this collection is regarded as historically significant as it is particularly related to this area, many items being made locally

  8. A significant collection of headers and harvesters and outdoor machinery including fencing and windmill

  9. The Tim Fischer Working Machinery Shed with motors and vehicles that can work. And the hay shed with straw thatched roofing

  10. The slab hut constructed from an original hut found on a local farm

  11. The original blacksmith to Jindera built in 1872. This site includes the blacksmith stables, recently restored

Take a 3D sneak peak inside 


We’d very much like to thank Justin Dallinger

for this particular experience.

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