Work during Lockdown

Just a sneak peak at some of the happenings whilst we were in Lockdown.  Refurbishment of the Marge Wehner Gallery was the main focus.  Pictures were removed, cleaned and repaired.  Our Curator Chris, catalogued each and she is now working her way through items in the cases (photo).

We received the gift of a Pianola from Lee Howard, resident historian for the museum, who has recently moved to Albury.  The Pianola has been placed in the gallery, awaiting the new building where it will eventually reside (photo).

With the end of lockdown upon us, during our monthly working bees, volunteers have begun rehanging pictures in the gallery (photo). A few additional items have been excavated from storage and there has been a rearrangement in the gallery and some additional displays.

Staying productive during lockdown has given us the time to tackle little jobs here there and everywhere, this is how the amazing volunteers have kept our beautiful museum functioning and displaying new and interesting items for new and return visitors to find interesting every time they visit.