Shed Happenings

Over the last few months, the men have been very productive with tinkering in the Working Machine Shed.

Each Wednesday the men gather to work on projects, and are starting to see the fruits of their labour paying off.  These things have included;

Completely fitting rubber tread to the W 30 tractor, this will enable it to be driven on concrete as well as grip making it safe to operate on all surfaces.

The Moline tractor; engine has had tappet covers and gaskets fitted, head repaired and began reassembly (head valves and guides were seriously worn out) and now have finished cleaning and re-greasing the tractors wheels.  During this process the left hand wheel was removed to find out why the tractor didn’t roll freely – found bull gear packed with hard compacted old grease.  In coming weeks the plan is to now remove the right hand wheel and free that up also.

We have been able to source timber packing beams (will make good engine beds) and the process of building the water tank stand for working pump display.