Lost Trades Day and Opening of New Working Machines Shed 21st March 2021

The Jindera Pioneer Museum will finally open their new Working Machines Shed on Sunday 21st March, 2021 at 11am if Covid restrictions do not interfere.

Lost Trades will also be featured on the day when the museum will be open to the public for a gold coin donation. Activities, skills, products and produce will be on site on the day, many created in ways that we rarely see today. A local artist will also produce a painting on a very large canvas on the day, depicting a scene at the museum. Visitors will be able to watch as this unfolds during the day as well as get involved in old time games and activities.

The new working machines shed is dedicated to Tim Fischer who was a patron to the museum for many years. Tim’s wife, Judy Brewer, will officially open the shed and many of the machines held within will be operational on the day.

The new shed houses several old tractors of a variety of styles, vintages and brands. The 1916 Moline tractor is a particularly rare part of the collection and there are also several interesting engines that were used to run machinery on farms; the 1915 Ronaldson Tippet Austral engine is run regularly to the delight of visitors because of its deep sound and slow piston movement. The Deutscher “The Gem” oil engine is being restored and there are several small engines that are operational and on display.

Another highlight in the working machines collection is the 1927 Oldsmobile. This brilliant old car has lived its life in the Walla Walla district and is now on display at the museum. It is topped with a very old canoe, timber ribbed and canvas covered, perfect for an outing in our summer weather.

The 1915 Austral engine resided on the farm of Peter Moll at Gerogery. Peter is the grandson of P C Wagner who was owner and operator of the General Store, now the museum, from 1874 until his son Gus took over in 1914. Peter ran a farm and the Austral engine was a very handy engine that could be wheeled into place and then took over the operation of machines that were previously run by human labour or horse. The engine is now set up to operate a pumping sequence.

Peter has only just retired from active duty at the museum at 92. He has been involved in the museum for nearly 30 years and he has held several important roles during that time. Although no longer actively participating in the day-to-day of the museum, Peter is a staunch supporter and is often seen at the museum checking out new exhibits or activities. It is amazing to have someone involved in the museum with such strong links to its history.

With the lightening of Covid restrictions, the museum is again able to offer events. Given the large space the museum occupies, social distancing and safe Covid practices can be maintained. The museum has a Covid Safe Plan and adheres to all government regulations as required. Check the museum website www.jinderamuseum.com.au or FB jinderapioneermuseum for upcoming events and activities.


Contact: Margie Wehner 0408 409 842