The museum provides a unique opportunity for children to step into life as it was in the past.  The museum has an atmosphere that holds people captivated by the history of its time.  It is like a magic box, opening up into charming spaces and inspiring experiences as you walk from one building to the next.

The museum exhibits and buildings fit well into the school curriculum of History and Community and many schools utilise this for visits through-out the year.  Many children encourage their families to bring them to the museum for a return visit.

We have created a number of activities that can engage children while they visit the museum.  Your Life in 1894 gets them to think about what it would have been like for a child to live during this time.  There is also a colouring book, word search puzzles and old-fashioned cut-out Paper Dolls to colour in and dress.  There are also outside games that they can try that would have been played during that era.

The Museum Treasure Hunt is a way for the curious to sleuth their way around the museum.  A keen eye and an exploring nature are needed to find the objects hidden throughout the expanse of the museum.  Clues are available if you need them but look high and look low and look behind the objects in the picture for clues.  A prize awaits the completed hunt.

There is a very large outdoor garden and lawn space for children to enjoy and shady trees for picnics.  We encourage excitement and exploration, ours is a museum to engage with, not a hands off experience.